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Start living the life that you want at Kohana. Make the most out of your Kohana with a multi-purpose pavilion made better with recreational facilities. A two- storey commercial building with 15 units available for lease complements the residential units within Kohana Grove.

Residents will definitely be delighted with the unique amenities they can find within the Kohana Grove development. This eight-hectare development is designed to deliver panoramic views of the mountains and lush greenery, as well as an enjoyable community experience within the master-planned development.

One of these amenities is the full-sized basketball court, which is the perfect venue for aspiring basketball stars and sports enthusiasts to practice their dribbling, lay-ups, and slam dunks a couple of minutes away from their doorstep. This is also a great place to organize community tournaments or after-school sports activities for the younger residents.

There is also the children’s park and playground, where the youngsters can get together in the afternoons for some socialization and imaginative play. This area is specially designed for enjoyment, safety, and security, complete with features for children of all ages. There is also plenty of wide open space to run around in while enjoying the fresh air.

One of the things that one will only find in Kohana Grove is the Giant Chessboard, which will definitely pose a fun challenge for residents as they bond with family members and friends. Plus, this unique community feature will be a great place for photoshoots!

There is also the commercial center where residents will have quick and convenience access to their daily necessities. This commercial center will feature a wide variety of establishments, such as a grocery a convenience store, a laundromat, a water-refilling station, and internet cafes.

There is also a swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery, which will be the perfect place for Kohana Groves residents to take a refreshing dip while surrounded by Silang’s fresh, crisp air.

Another feature that future residents will definitely appreciate are the thoughtfully provided air-conditioning, cable TV, phone lines, and internet line provisions they will find in their homes.

  •  Basketball court
  • An infinity pool
  • Children's playground
  • A life-sized chessboard for a unique playing experience
  • and a nature trail along riverbanks.
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